KAKLUUNIKEISARI is a company specialized in old tile stoves. The company helps you with all kind of matters concerning purchasing, putting up and utilising a tile stove.

Jari Tamminen, the founder and owner of the company, says: I'm appreciated to serve my customers with professional skill on fourth generation. I have experience of putting up over two hundred tile stoves for now.

When taking down or putting up the stove envolving the tiles and producing plaster I appreciate the methods and knowledge inherited from foregoing generations. I always take into account both the expectations of the customer and the individual history and special characteristic of the stove underway. The main principle is to fulfill entirety that meets the customer's demands - without forgetting the value and "the spirit" of the target stove.

On January 2017 KAKLUUNIKEISARI has been on the industry for 15 years.


Jari Tamminen | Vallilantie 4 | FI-23200 Vinkkilä | Tel: +358 40 5555 390